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A successful business is only as strong as its systems and processes.  Here’s a little bit more about GrowthTechs and how we help your software deliver on the goals you originally set out to achieve.

GrowthTechs is a RevOps (sales and marketing operations) consulting company focused on helping businesses automate and grow through processes improvement and software deployment.

The GrowthTech mantra is, “Technology is a great servant, but a horrible master.” 

Many companies pick a solution based on brand, recommendation, or reporting and don’t fully appreciate the limitations of the software or the resources required to keep it serving their current process.  This is why all our engagements start with a simple consultation.



Our initial consultation starts with the end in mind.  What’s the business outcome you want, and how are you currently doing this today.


With a solid understanding of your revenue operations (sales and marketing) we put together recommendations on what the next steps will be to solve your current CRM or marketing automation software challenge.



Our rates range based on CRM, Marketing Automation Tool, or software expertise needed.  For additional packages see our pricing page.

Implementations – Starting at $5,000
Migrations – Starting at $3,000
Systems and Process Audit –  $5,000

HubSpot – $150/hr
Marketo – $185/hr
Salesforce – $195/hr
Pardot – $150/hr
Keap – $125/hr
Custom Integrations – $160/hr

Revenue operations is the alignment of customer acquisition and market development to sales and customer success. 

These teams are directly connected with the data of a company. The objective of revenue operations is to link data with sales, service and marketing departments to assist in portraying a 360-degree perspective to the customer before, during and after a sale.

Benefits of Revenue Operations
Over and above surge in revenues for an organization, RevOps has other additional benefits:

Order: merging the customer-facing department’s guarantees that each customer initiative and campaign has a quantifiable net result of the customer experience from the beginning to the end.

Having a focal point:
by consolidating the departments of sales, marketing, and service, companies are able to focus on objectives and get everybody on the same page with the same outcome in mind, for instance, closing deals, generating deals and inflating the existing accounts.

Simplicity: by setting up a revenue operations proposition, firms are able to obliterate barriers and stockpiling of customer information within departments, this dramatically improves the efficiency of an organization as well as the customer experience.
(from Hamer Marketing Group)