The HubSpot Platform is easy to use, but are you getting the results you want and leveraging all the power it provides? Don’t let limited HubSpot knowledge, time, under-developed processes, or being intimidated by technology prevent you from maximizing the return on your investment.  GrowthTechs is here to help you:



RevOps teams can get stuck from time to time when using HubSpot. Often times the issue can be resolved by engaging a HubSpot consultant and outlining the challenge and best course of action to resolve. The GrowthTechs team is helps HubSpot companies solve their challenges through:



Build your operation without the monthly overhead of a full-time employee.  Your sales and marketing operation needs someone focused on alignment, ease of use, tracking, and The HubSpot Platform is easy to use, but are you getting the results you want and leveraging all the power it provides? Don’t let limited HubSpot knowledge, time, under-developed processes, or being intimidated by technology prevent you from maximizing the return on your investment.  GrowthTechs is here to help you.


HubSpot Support & Consulting Pricing

Get Started With A Package For Any HubSpot Need




Website Usability
Technical Setup Review
Operational Review
Stack Utilization





Setup of Marketing Hub
3 Email Templates
10 Workflows
up to 25 Lists
1 Custom Dashboard





Data Hygiene
Deals & Pipeline





Migrate Companies, Contacts, and Deals
Custom Properties
Deals & Pipeline
Notes & Tickets


Sales and Marketing Operations for HubSpot

Enjoy Piece Of Mind With HubSpot Operations Management

HubSpot CRM

Leverage a skilled HubSpot CRM admin without hiring full-time staff.  Our SalesOps team will ensure your process, data, operation, and systems are kept up for quality customer interactions and reporting.  This lets your sales team sell, and leadership focus on what matters most – REVENUE!

Marketing Hub

Many lean marketing teams often don’t have enough time to do everything they need to inside HubSpot’s Marketing Hub.  Our MarOps team will ensure your campaigns, workflows, forms, CTAs, data, and reporting allow your marketers to focus on market development, not technology.

Service Hub

Service teams need to focus on customer service and delighting the client.  Our RevOps team will keep your managers and support personnel doing just that when we handle the technical configurations, ticket automation, workflows, reporting, and back-office systems management.

Data Hygiene

Systems are only as good as the data used to drive them.  Use our RevOps team to support a CDP, integration to 3rd party enrichment, maintain list hygiene, and improve segmentation. As HubSpot adds apps to the marketplace the first place to get dirty will be the data and our team is here to help.

Monthly HubSpot Management Packages

HubSpot Lite

  • Up to 10 hrs/mo
  • List Management
  • Blog Posts
  • Website Content Changes
  • Email Campaigns

HubSpot Grow

  • Up to 25 hrs/mo
  • Everything in Lite
  • Workflows/Automations
  • SEO Cluster Management
  • Chatbot Setup/Management
  • Form Management
  • 1 Custom Dashboard

HubSpot Marketing Ops

  • Up to 50 hrs/mo
  • Everything in Grow & Lite
  • CRM Support
  • 3rd Party Integration Management
  • Property Management
  • Data Management
  • 5 Custom Dashboard Creation
  • 10 Custom Report Creation


Marketing operations is a framework for how marketing projects and campaigns are delivered. The marketing operation will include project management which could be Agile or Waterfall, processes & workflow for campaign delivery, marketing automation, data management, and reporting. Often marketing operations are focused on marketing automation tools or Martech (marketing technology) management. Similar to Sales Operations, marketing operations helps a company reach their goals through technology and process.
Absolutely!  HubSpot is one of the easiest marketing automation platforms to setup and begin using.  However, sometimes internal marketing teams don’t have the time or resources to build out and leverage the full power of HubSpot and this is where we can help you.
HubSpot CRM was formerly known as HubSpot Sales Hub.  The addition of custom objects and enhancements to the sales tools inside the CRM make HubSpot a strong competitor to Salesforce for sales-led companies who want to see marketing acquisition attributed to deals.  Ask us how.
Yes.  The GrowthTechs team can help you create a custom integration, HubSpot app, or develop an interactive webapp using the CMS.

The HubSpot marketplace is growing daily with new apps for the CRM and Marketing Automation tools.  Most commonly, we see companies integrate tools for phone tracking, data enrichment, and account-based marketing.

Things we’ve integrated HubSpot with:

  • Salesforce
  • Lotus Notes
  • Mobile Apps
  • Twilio
  • Zoho
  • Zapier
  • AppsFlyer
  • MixPanel
  • Zoom
  • EventBrite
  • WordPress
  • Proprietary SaaS applications

Yes and no.  Yes, our team has a functioning knowledge of how to use the content tools inside HubSpot to get the most out of your content.  However, we are not a creative agency and if you are looking for help creating content for blogs, social posts, emails, videos, podcasts, etc we can get you connected some of the best in the business.

Yes.  We have team members who are capable in both the new CMS 2.0 with drag and drop capability and the previous CMS system.  Our team can help you create a new theme, fix something that isn’t working as expected, or migrate from another CMS into HubSpot.
Yes.  We can help you build a custom theme for your HubSpot CMS.
Yes.  Our team is best suited to help you connect HubSpot to other applications.  We have experience with multiple Salesforce and HubSpot integrations.  The team will help you get the sync up, see the most important parts, and minimize your API backlog.
Yes.  We help companies who are using WordPress get the most out of their HubSpot/WP experience.  Sometimes you need more than the HubSpot WordPress plugin includes with forms, CTA’s, and reporting – this is where we can make recommendations and get the most out of your systems.

All projects require payment prior to beginning work.  Monthly services are billed at the beginning of each month.  Any project less than $5,000 requires 100% payment upfront.

Yes.  Our team provides hands-on training for the HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hubs.  We can also help you with one of our RevOps workshops for process improvement.


How one client moved from Zoho and 9 separate systems to HubSpot and grew.

Operations Overhaul

For Jonnie and his team, the operation was working, but it wasn’t scaling.  The technology and process were preventing them from hitting their growth targets.  HubSpot and a little creativity helped them grow 30%.

What one client learned in their Marketo to HubSpot move and integration Lotus Notes

Marketo to HubSpot MIGRATION

For ILS, marketing had been an afterthought for years.  New competition was putting pressure on the company to modernize the sales and marketing operation.  HubSpot integrated with their systems was just what they needed.

When this marketplace app needed more clients they integrated HubSpot.

Moblie-App Managed HubSpot Integration

ShearShare needed more inventory for their stylists, but their data was in multiple systems and difficult for the sales team to use until they added MixPanel and HubSpot.



“When our team decided to look for an improved tech stack for our growing team, GrowthTechs was a wealth of knowledge. Unlike other partners and consultants, they took the time to dive deep into our process before making a recommendation about our digital transformation. When we landed on HubSpot and Salesforce, we were impressed with Kyle’s ability to speak to stakeholders and relate to what the unique challenges were for each team and build a comprehensive plan.”

“The GrowthTechs team has been a completely transformative addition. I’ve worked with many agencies and I would not place Kyle and his team in the same bucket as a traditional agency. They have gone above and beyond. Not only have they executed on goals set, but also really dug in strategically and showed a high level of leadership. Highly recommend!”

“GrowthTechs has been awesome helping us with our development marketing needs! They are responsive, professional, and do great work. They are also reasonably-priced and have really helped our small business grow. Highly recommend their services!”



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